Contact info

To get in touch with me during my radio shows, make requests and dedications, etc. please use the contact details provided down below.

NOTE: This is my Google Voice number, and please ONLY use this number to call in when I’m doing a show, as the caller ID is fixed for this number, so I’ll know it’s a listener calling in, and my talking caller ID box won’t give away the listener’s actual phone number, should a call come in while I’m on a voice break. Rather, it will simply say my Google Voice number instead, which is given out on air anyway. It should also be noted, that this line rings my house phone, and at times, typically when I’m not broadcasting, it will be placed on Do Not Disturb, sending callers straight to voicemail, to leave their requests in my mailbox. When calling during a live show and when the system is not on Do Not Disturb, the system will ask you to record your name. This allows me to know who’s calling before I take your call. IMPORTANT: All calls during live shows will be recorded, and have been recorded since the summer of 2020, and will continue to be recorded going forward. Spam calls will have their voice messages deleted, and their live calls sent directly to voicemail if a call comes in while on air. If spam calls become frequent, exceeding the call volume of actual live listeners, I may have to take a break from this phone line again for a while, until such calls die down, but hopefully, that won’t be the case. So far, I only had to do this once back in the fall of 2016, but seems as of late, the spammers have calmed down and backed off, so going to give this phone line another try, and see what happens. Just know that if this line disappears again one day for an indefinite amount of time, chances are it's spammers causing it. Also, in terms of calls being recorded, this means if anybody is rude or disrespectful during a call, I will have a record of it, should I need to share the recording of the call with higher ups, such as the police or station management. Anybody found using my request line to start drama or intentionally treat me like trash, will not only be blocked from calling my request line, but could possibly be blocked from all means of contacting me that aren’t associated with the general staff at 98.6 The Mix, if things get far enough out of hand. Bottom line, treat me the way you want to be treated, and you should see positive results, and that’s where we’ll leave it at this time, thank you.

additional info

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above 3 means of contact require you to have my cell phone number present in your contacts, and or to be a friend of mine on Facebook. Because I do not wish to display my cell phone number publicly, if you’re interested in communicating with me on one of those platforms, please either send a direct message to me on Twitter, or an email to my station email address expressing interest in communicating with me on one of those services, and we can privately exchange mobile numbers and friend one another on Facebook, so such means of contacting me will become possible. Rest assured if you should give me your cell phone number so we can communicate on one of the platforms where such info is required, your number will remain in confidence with me, unless you give me permission to give it out to any third parties.

I can also be reached on , located at the station’s Twitter as well as on Clubdeck, the PC and Mac client for Clubhouse, as Flashback Friday now has a club on Clubhouse. I have it set up for club members to participate on air when I choose to bring them in, more details about Clubhouse down below. I also might be up on my private Teamtalk server from time to time, located at the host of with default ports, chances are if I go up there, I’ll be in the East coast channel, which is the root channel of the server, and the program will be streamed up there as well during shows, though TeamTalk will not be up, so long as Clubdeck is a thing, and if I’m swamped with requests and the bulk of my listener interaction is heavier on other platforms. I’ll state on air if I’m available on TeamTalk that week or not, as that method may vary from week to week, depending on how I feel, etc. Also, while this station does have a Skype account, because Microsoft has gone and heavily broken accessibility with the version of Skype for the computer, I will hardly ever be using that method of contact anymore, unless I plan to have a one-on-one guest on the show, cohosting with me, or for some other purpose, such as an interview or to draw the winner of a contest, should I ever get into running contests on my shows down the road, which is an idea I am considering at the time of writing up these contact details. If I should ever have the station Skype up while on air, such knowledge will be announced on a voice break, as well as the reasons for using that platform, and how I wish to be contacted on it. Skype will not be up every week though, as TeamTalk and Clubdeck have taken over that role for voice chatting where accessibility is concerned.

Club for Flashback friday NOTE: I plan to have Clubdeck up every week during live shows, and might appoint a club member to moderate a meeting on the weeks I must prerecord and not be live, possibly the staff member running my prerecorded presentation if they’re a member of the club. Flashback Friday is only open to club members, and you must be on good terms with me on and off the air in order to join this club. You have a better chance of joining my club, if you’re a fan of the program, as many of my long time loyal listeners are club members. It should also be noted, that I will be unable to stream the program over Clubdeck, because I can only run one instance of Clubdeck on my machine, it doesn’t work like Teamtalk does. Therefore, club members will either have to enjoy what you’re able to pick up from my speakers, where my broadcasting software will be routed to for play out of the music, or listen on your own streaming devices, whether it be on Winamp on your PC, VLC on the Mac, or your smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart devices, all of which, are capable of tuning into 98.6 The Mix, Server 2, via the GetMeRadio skill.

IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING REQUESTS: Due to the fact that my show is now in a 3 hour time slot, with a fairly dedicated program immediately following my show, a few exceptions will be made to the rules, but generally, beginning June 18, 2021, and going forward, listeners are only allowed to send in up to 3 requests per show. This insures everybody gets to hear what they want to hear that week, and I get to play what I hope to play during my 3 hour show that week, since I’m no longer the last broadcaster of the day, getting to do what one of my loyal listeners called, the overtime dance, where we’d go over my end time and flashback to music of the good old days, all night long! You can either send in your requests during the week, or during the show, but only 3 of your requests will be played. If you send in more than 3, I’ll save those for future shows, such as the following week, or the next show where they’ll fit, should a themed show be coming up where they won’t fit, but let’s say you send in 5 requests for June 25. You’ll hear 3 of them on June 25, and the other 2 on July 2, leaving you the ability to submit one more request to be played on July 2. Using the same example, if you send in 2 requests to be played on July 2, but you’ve already sent in 2 overflow requests over your limit of 3 on June 25, I’ll play 1 request on July 2, and reserve your final request for July 9. If you’re confused by the rules concerning requests or my example, please feel free to get in touch with me privately, and I’ll be happy to explain song request limitations on my show to you. I typically close the request lines come the bottom of the final hour, unless I feel it necessary to close them sooner, and every once in a while, request lines are closed for the entire duration of the show, either because the show for that week has been prerecorded, or I have a particular theme in mind, that’s a set playlist. Also, if you wish to call in live via my request line into the show, lines open up 15 minutes before the show begins, and close when the request line closes.