DJ Celrock's Contact Info

To get in touch with me during my radio shows, make requests and dedications, etc. please use the contact details provided down below.

NOTE: This is my Google Voice number, and please ONLY use this number to call in when I’m doing a show, as the caller ID is fixed for this number, so I’ll know it’s a listener calling in, and my talking caller ID box won’t give away the listener’s actual phone number, should a call come in while I’m on a voice break. Rather, it will simply say my Google Voice number instead, which is given out on air anyway. It should also be noted, that this line rings my house phone, and at times, typically when I’m not broadcasting, it will be placed on Do Not Disturb, sending callers straight to voicemail, to leave their requests in my mailbox. When calling during a live show and when the system is not on Do Not Disturb, the system will ask you to record your name. This allows me to know who’s calling before I take your call.
IMPORTANT: Spam calls will have their voice messages deleted, and their live calls sent directly to voicemail if a call comes in while on air. If spam calls become frequent, exceeding the call volume of actual live listeners, I may have to take a break from this phone line again for a while, until such calls die down, but hopefully, that won’t be the case. So far, I only had to do this once back in the fall of 2016, but seems as of late, the spammers have calmed down and backed off, so going to give this phone line another try, and see what happens. Just know that if this line disappears again one day for an indefinite amount of time, chances are it’s spammers causing it.

Other Means of Contact

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above 4 means of contact require you to have my cell phone number present in your contacts, and or to be a friend of mine on Facebook. Because I do not wish to display my cell phone number publically, if you’re interested in communicating with me on one of those platforms, please either send a direct message to me on Twitter, or an email to my station email address expressing interest in communicating with me on one of those services, and we can privately exchange mobile numbers and friend one another on Facebook, so such means of contacting me will become possible. Rest assured if you should give me your cell phone number so we can communicate on one of the platforms where such info is required, your number will remain in confidence with me, unless you give me permission to give it out to any third parties.

I can also be reached on the station’s Twitter, located at @986themix, as well as on the 98.6 The Mix TeamTalk server during shows, though TeamTalk may not be up every week, if I’m swomped with requests and the bulk of my listener interaction is heavier on other platforms. I’ll state on air if I’m available on TeamTalk that week or not, as that method may vary from week to week, depending on how I feel, etc. You will also be able to request songs through the station’s request page, at ,a href"../requests" target="_new"> the 986themix request form as soon as management fixes whatever seems to be broken on their request form as of the initial posting of these contact details. Also, while this station does have a Skype account, because Microsoft has gone and heavily broken accessibility with the version of Skype for the computer, I will hardly ever be using that method of contact anymore, unless I plan to have a one-on-one guest on the show, cohosting with me, or for some other purpose, such as an interview or to draw the winner of a contest, should I ever get into running contests on my shows down the road, which is an idea I am considering at the time of writing up these contact details. If I should ever have the station Skype up while on air, such knowledge will be announced on a voice break, as well as the reasons for using that platform, and how I wish to be contacted on it. Skype will not be up every week though, as TeamTalk has taken over that role for voice chatting where accessibility is concerned.

Finally, rudeness, trolling, and spamming will NOT be tolerated. Any listener found being disrespectful, making me feel uncomfortable, acting as a threat to my well-being, the life of the show, or anything of that nature, will be dealt with accordingly. Spammers and people treating me negatively will be blocked on personal means of contact, especially if the spamming or rudeness is constant. Troll me and treat me disrespectfully on any of the forms of contact provided by the station, will result in me reporting it to the station manager, at which time, he’ll have the final say in what happens with you. I’ll especially look into having you blocked from station platforms if you continue to harass me on any of those places, even after I’ve blocked you on all personal means of contact, so please be mindful of this, as I’m here to have a good time, playing music I love, entertaining the listeners and just having a jolly old good time. I do not have time to deal with negativity, and thus, if you cannot treat me with respect, please, leave me alone. If you are not a troll, but rather, a polite listener who enjoys great music and hanging out with great friends, by all means, please do stick around. If you wish to learn more about me, feel free to read my bio, which you can get to by clicking on the Get to know us!! Link on the station’s home page, and I do hope you’ll come check out Flashback Friday, each and every Friday night, from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM Central, right here, on 98.6 The Mix, KKMX, International!