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We are made aware that our feeds no longer display correctly on Chrome or Firefox. Also for iPhone users, you will not be able to open the podcast feed at all. We are working on sollutions, but in the meantime there are some work arounds. For iPhone users, simply doubltap and hold on the podcast link you want until a dialog appears. Look for copy. Next, go to your favorite podcast ap and paste the link where it takes manual entries. You will find the paste option in he rotar under edit. Consult with your podcasts help for further info on how to add manual entries. Computer users can still use internet explorer to access the feeds off of the website or put the link into your computers podcatcher from any browser. To copy the link using a screen reader, open the link, do an alt D to bring up the address bar, alt A to selct all, Alt C to copy. You can then follow instructions for manual entries on the podcatcher and in the edit field do a control V. Please contact management should you have any questions, or need assistance.

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