Country Through the Years If you like a good mix of country music past and present, this is the show for you. With each episode lasting from one to three hours, I play a mix of country music including some of your favorite hits as well as probably some you've never heard before and include fun facts and personal anecdotes about the artists and their songs. I will do themed shows mostly on occasions such as holidays and tributes to recently deceased stars. Most of the music spans from 1947 to the present, but except on special occasions, each show will end with a song from the early '40's or perhaps all the way back to the '20's. I will take requests as well. Sep 19 2023 5:05 AM Country-Through-the-Years Episode-230-songs-about-rain-to-kick-off-the-fall no description available Aug 23 2023 1:13 PM Country-Through-the-Years Episode-226-lucky-lindy-of-the-redneck-yacht-club no description available Aug 10 2023 10:16 PM Country-Through-the-Years Episode-224-the-original-versions-of-some-of-your-favorite-hits no description available Aug 8 2023 8:39 PM Country-Through-the-Years Episode-223-where-country-through-the-years-has-you-covered no description available