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Below are the listen links to our station. We offer several different channels with various types of programming. These include our main server: channel 1, channel 2 for additional programming, and the independent artist channel. Please refer to our schedule page for a list of current programming.

You can also find us on the following platforms by searching for our call letters, KKMX

If you are tuning in on an iDevice and are using an app whos database we are not in, simply double tap and hold the external player link until a new dialog comes up. Double tap the copy button which will copy the listen link to the clipboard, then paste it in the app you want to use by going to it's URL search bar or finder FOR LINKS THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY IN their SYSTEM. You can also double tap the link normally to listen through Safari. (Please note that only the main server and magnatune channels are available on Tuniin and Alexa.) To see what song is playing, click the loading link.

All of our servers are now available on Get Me Radio via there Alexa skill, and apps. Alexa users should do the following: ask your device to enable the Get Me Radio skill; You can then ask it to play one of the following servers: 98.6themix, 98.6themix Server 2, or 98.6TheMix Magnatune. Additionally, they have apps and are available on multiple platforms. App users may see limited schedules and links to our social media.

We have two different listen links for each channel. The first will oepn in your browser which works better for PC users. We also have a link for external players designed for Winamp or mobile phone users. We also include ways you can listen by phone to the main and independent artist channels.

the main Server: channel 1

channel 2

Sometimes you will find programming on this channel. This has some programming we do not have room for on the main channel plus extra programming that dj's will do from time to time. Please check the schedule for further details on when you will see live programming. This channel does not support automation.

The Independent artist channel

The Independent artist server plays everything from Magnatune, CD baby, and other independent artists that may be elsewhere. Below, you'll find links to listen to the server which has technology programming on Thursdays as well. I hope you'll enjoy what you'll hear on this server.


Our automation is its own programming. Primarily Country, Dj Shawn never the less offers an interesting mix of music. When there is no live programming, you will hear the automation on server 1 but we offer the main stream for it here. Automation is not available for server 2 or the Independent artist channel.

We hope you find this information we provided helpful. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us and someone will get to you.

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