At 986TheMix we allow you to have a producer/engineer. However, please make sure that both you and your producer are aware of the following guidelines.

Applying to the Station

  1. Management does not provide and will not assign you a producer. Please have someone lined up before you apply. If you know that you need a producer, you may ask management ahead of time; however, we reserve the right for any reason to deny your request.
  2. Anyone can be your producer. If that person is not a current staff member, he/she must complete the broadcasters application. As with broadcasters, we want to know about the producers who will be accessing our station and to provide them with the proper material for encoder setup and station imaging. A DJ application will not be approved until a producer has submitted the application via our website. Since we do not have a separate producer application, producers will fill out the normal broadcaster application and use the fields for writing to indicate they are filling out the application as a producer. Dj's will also have access to the station DropBox folder so they can work with their producer on what immaging they would like from sweepers, jingles, and commercials.
  3. Management reserves the right to deny anyone producer privileges if we have concerns about past behavior indicating that an applicant could be a security risk to 986themix.
  4. A producer should be familiar with all technical aspects of broadcasting. Management will not provide any training/assistance. It is your responsibility as the Dj to choose someone who knows what they are doing. Management can assist with tech-support, but we do not provide training.


  1. You are responsible for making sure you and your producer are on time. Even if you are ready to go, and your producer is not, management will count it against you. This also applies if your producer is ready and you are not. In either case, whether it is you or your producer who are tardy, if either person is more than 15 minutes late, the lateness counts as an absence against the applying DJ as specified by 986TheMix rules concerning missed shows. Please make sure that you choose someone who you know is reliable.
  2. You, as the DJ, are responsible for everything related to your show. Specifically, you must provide any show content to your producer in a timely manner (preferably within a certain number of days before your show starts, to be worked out between you and your producer). Furthermore, we highly recommend for live shows you set a prearranged time for you and your producer to get things ready before the start of your show. In addition, you are in control of the content and flow of your show—that is, you must keep track of time and be in private communication with your producer about schedule changes and other behind the scenes matters. Don't rely on your producer for cues other than when to start and stop speaking; it isn't that person's job to keep track of time for you. Finally, you must monitor the behavior of the guests whom you invite on your show, be in control of discussions/interactions among guests and fellow DJs, and take steps within your power to address problems when they do arise.
  3. A producer’s responsibilities consist of the following: The key to a successfully produced show is open, uninhibited communication, constant coordination, and initiative on the part of the DJ.

Terminating the DJ-Producer Relationship

  1. We recognize that difficulties may occur between you, the DJ, and your producer. However, we expect that you know your producer before applying; therefore, management will only allow you to have two producer changes during the time you choose to broadcast with us. If, for any reason, you are not able to continue the working relationship with your producer, you must find another person to fill that role immediately. If you are without a producer for longer than two weeks, your spot will be made available for the next DJ. A producer switch does not guarantee a request to change the time of your show.
  2. A DJ may terminate a producer for any reason keeping in mind the stipulation in rule #1 concerning number of switches allowed. Management will not become involved in any aspect of the DJ-producer relationship. Consequently, when a DJ wishes to terminate the relationship, he/she must provide written notice to both the producer and management.
  3. Management is not responsible for informing a producer of his/her dismissal. Failure to notify management and the producer will not bring about a station schedule change, meaning that your absence during your designated show time will count against you.
  4. A producer may need to stop working with a DJ for a few reasons. Just as a DJ is required to notify his/her producer and management in writing about a dismissal, a producer must communicate with the DJ and management in writing if he/she decides to terminate the working relationship and show production. Failure to comply will result in automatic denial of future producer and broadcaster privileges on 986TheMix.
  5. As usual, management has the right to grant or deny all producer switches and show time changes. These will based on all factors stated above.

If you feel like our station is right for you, then please continue to our application. click here for our general guidelines If you are not interested, then we thank you for your time and hope that you will remain a listener.


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