The application for Internet Radio

Now that we've gotten through the guidelines, it's time to get you set up for broadcasting with us!!

please note, we use Dropbo x and or iCloud Drive for distributing station materials including promo's, sweepers, and server info. You will be given a choice in the app on which one you prefer. If you do not have one of these then click on the above link to set up a free account with Dropb. Also, we highly recommend Station playlist to use for broadcasting. If you cannot afford this software, then we Recommend Winamp as a free alternative. Note: you will need unencrypted music sources for any of the above options. This means that sources like Apple Music or Spotify will not work for broadcasting purposes although there are converters you can find on the web for an additional purchase. If broadcasting on the mac: we recommend AudioHighjack You will be able to tie in third-party sources like Aple Music and Spotify with this ap, along with your personal music collection.

Remember, we ask that you take a look at our schedule page to make sure the time you want is available. We operate in Central Standard time. If you have questions, then please contact and we will be happy to help! Please note...if the application conflicts with the schedule, management will not respond to your application.

Maybe you want to showcase some of your talent or stay away from music all together and try a talk show, go right ahead! Keep in mind though that talk shows usually don't generate high listener counts if that matters to you.

Finally, the management at 986TheMix prefers that you fill out your own application rather than someone doing it for you. This way, if any inaccurate information is listed, then only you are responsible.

All required fields are marked in red and are also labeled.

by submitting this application, you are indicating that you have read and will abide by the rules on the previous page. You also signify that all information regarding name,contact info,and any personal history you list is true. If we find that you have submitted false information, you will be let go.

Please give us any previous Internet radio stations you have broadcasted on or other DJ experience. (required)

I signify I'm over 18 years of age. I signify I'm under the age of 18

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