Hi everyone! My name is Jared Rimer, and I've been doing broadcasting off and on since mid 2001. I had my own Internet radio station up until 2007. I shut it down because of complications from some unforseen circumstances, one of which, dealing with apparent E-mail sharing and some misunderstandings. As it turned out, the provider actually took terms of service belonging to another company, so I found it not applicable as it was. That station was named WBBY, and we even got a domain for that one which of course doesn't exist anymore.

I ventured in joining Herbie in his various stations, and even broadcasted on the Q online, which at that time, was run by another owner who fired me without just cause. He said that people were complaining, I asked whom, and they couldn't tell me. I know the station still exists under different people, and I wish them luck.

In about 2011, I joined LLJFM, a station who shut down in late 2014. I decided then I would feature all Magnatune music and independant label musicians. I've gotten board with every show playing the same 20 or 30 tracks, in various orders, with some mixture in between of older stuff. I just thought since none of the music was aired anywhere except one artist on a online station, I thought this would be kind of cool. Sadly, I've not gotten much of a response, but i think its a better type of show. Since about 2010 or so, I've had a dedicated Magnatune server. It plays all of the Magnatune I have in my collection, and we are always getting more. In 2016, I changed the name of the server to the Magnatune and Independant Artist channel. Go to my personal Magnatune page to take a look at its page and some of the artists in which I have. Its not an entire list, as it is continually growing, but you'll get the idea.

We started this station in late 2014, and I've helped Herbie learn a coding language called PHP which is like programming, but for web content. Even form processing can be done with it, and that, is cool.

My broadcasts can be heard each and every Sunday from noon to 3 station time in the afternoon. We from time to time will venture in to CD Baby, and Emusic, and even some independants as well. I've even had some talk segments and we may bring some more articles to discuss and maybe some more guests. This show may contain some adult content.

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