My name is Herbie and I am one of the owners of 98.6TheMix!! I have done broadcasting since April of 2007 as well as run various internet stations. Since age 5 I've always had a passion for broadcasting, however I've chosen to do it as a hobby so I can enjoy it more and have control over my shows. The downside, I don't get paid.

I have had a short career running a vending business and am currently learning html. I have lived in several parts of the US including Florida, Washington State, Minnesota, and currently Texas. I have also lived in England.

My show is "The Herbie Allen Show" which you can listen to every Sunday from 9 to 11 PM or listen to the podcasts. This show is what I consider to be the best of my former show's "the Friday Night Dance Party," and my version of "the Saturday Night Variety Show" Not to be confused with DJ Celrock. This show combines my multiple music interests and also features the famous "Compare the Difference" where I feature two different versions of a song and let you all choose which one you like better. I also do a gospel set, live in concert, and original VS Parity. This last was a recent idea after some requests and interest in two of my previous show's where I did that for an entire show.

As for my personal life, I have been happily married for four years at the time of me writing this profile!! In addition to music I like sports, (Especially Baseball and Football) Walking, Tandem Biking, playing with my iPhone, and helping people.

To get to know me more, tune into my show or find me on the Ventrilo server. You can find more information about that on our connect with us page.

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