Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We will give you a brief history of the station as well as introduce you to the wonderful dj's that make up 98.6TheMix!! This page is divided into headings allowing you to skip around the page.

Who is 98.6TheMix?

98.6TheMix, (KKMX), is an Internet radio station designed to appeal to listeners of all backgrounds with a variety of music, entertainment, and all around fun! In October 2014, Herbie and Jared, our dedicated managers, left a station where they were broadcasters in order to provide an enjoyable experience for DJs and listeners alike! They felt that creating a more pleasurable experience involved balancing greater control of scheduling and organization with flexibility of content and a relaxed, informal atmosphere. So far, their approach has worked, and our station has grown much faster than expected! We are always looking for new talent, creativity, great ideas, and more listeners! That being said, our goal is not to expand so rapidly that broadcasting becomes stressful and ceases to be rewarding and fun.

What Music do we play?

While our purpose is to provide family friendly entertainment appropriate for all audiences, our DJs do feature music of various genres including oldies, country, Christian and gospel, classic rock, R&B, newage, classical, and today's popular hits. No genre or decade is off limit!! We even offer a magnatune server, which plays music from independent artists for anyone who wants something completely different from the general mainstream music!! If music does not appeal to you, we have a program called the Sunday Movie Matinee playing descriptive videos that are Mp3 files (no video). Do you want to hear more of a particular artist or genre? Do you like something that we are doing or the music that we have played? Is there a movie that you really want to watch? Do you have ideas or suggestions? Please let us know how we may better meet your needs through our contact information.

A Note About Our Name

You will have noticed that we refer to ourselves as 98.6TheMix on the website pages. However, to clear up confusion, we would like to point out that the website address doesn't have the period in the station name. So, our web address and user names for services such as Facebook and Twitter are written as 986themix instead of 98.6TheMix. For links to our social media profiles, please visit the "Connect With Us" page. The web addresses for tuning in to shows and automation are listed on the "Listen" page.

Of course, you can also refer to us as KKMX International, a name given to the station by our jingle creator,, Nick baker of Nab Productions. KKMX is not part of our web address or user names.

And now ... it is time for you to meet our awesome, incredible, talented DJS!!

DJ bio's and contact

Below are bio's and contact information for the staff here at 98.6TheMix. Keep coming back often to see what new bio's we have added!! Each bio will open in a new page so you can come back here, or save them as a favorite if you want. These bio's are the DJ's own words and style of writing. Management simply formats them for the web.

Our Links

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We would like to thank the following contributers:

  1. the Jared Rimer Network for web hosting services
  2. Ultrahost our provider for Internet Radio broadcasting services. Please feel free to check out their web-hosting and streaming plans.
  3. GRC Inc. for allowing us to run Security Now!
  4. last but not least, Nab productions who give us our awsome jingles